Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Tuesday 28th February 2017

From The Archives:

In 2008, we were invited to speak to the family of a physics tutor, who had been experiencing some strange happenings in their home.  It was estimated that the family concerned were possibly only the second group of occupants of the property concerned.

The son of the family had seen a figure in the house that he had described to a neighbour, and the lady concerned had said it sounded very much like the man who had previously lived at the address.

The daughter of the family had a friend to stay and they slept downstairs.  The friend asked: 'Why has your mom just gone into the kitchen?'  The pair checked and there was no one there.  The friend had then said that the person had just walked back out of the kitchen.  In describing the figure she'd seen, she gave a description that apparently tallied with that seen by the brother the week before!?  (Male / female?)  The girl concerned had never met the brother.

Teaspoons would keep going missing.  You would sometimes hear the sound of cutlery inexplicably rattling in the kitchen.   Other, assorted activity included such matter as:  The family dog and cat seemingly respond to something 'unseen' / Strange 'cold' sensations reported / Door firmly latched at night discovered open the next morning / The boyfriend of the daughter said he had left his slippers in her room - soles down on floor - and when he returns, moments later, the soles are turned upwards / The son of the family discovered a chair in his bedroom had been moved - turned around, lying on the floor and pushed under the bed / The family were on holiday and their son (staying home by himself) phoned them to say he has had to go to stay with friends, because he is too scared to stay in the house alone.  He had, apparently, seen someone on the landing of the property / feeling of being 'touched' by something, only occurred once, in kitchen area, on Boxing Day, one year / Footsteps heard in bedroom by occupant of bed.  It didn't sound as if the foot falls were on carpet / Footsteps heard outside bedroom door /

They kept smelling pipe smoke when they had first moved in.  It would just come and go.  They would also leave the house and return to find clothing had been folded up on their beds.  This apparently no longer happens.

Daughter believes that 'it' likes to 'play with you'.  As an example, she says that she went to put her nightie on and the nightie wasn't on the bed where she had left it.  She asked her mom what she had done with the nightie.  The mom said she hadn't touched it.... and the daughter returned to her bedroom to find the nightie now 'on the bed', in the place that it was normally left!?  She repeats:  'It likes to play with you!'

Family agree that 'it' is mischievous;  it doesn't want to hurt you, so they're not actually worried by the goings-on. 

Mother of family would often hear kettle switch on when she was upstairs and she'd cheekily shout: 'I'll have a cup of tea!!'  Whoever was downstairs would reply - but from somewhere like the living room - not having been in the kitchen or touched the kettle, etc.  This kettle would often switch itself on and off.  Her husband took it to work and threw it in a skip!  A woman from a nearby catering business saw the kettle and - as it looked brand new - she used it in her cafe!  The husband - knowing what had happened - went to visit the cafe one day and asked about the kettle, enquiring if the woman ever had any issues with the appliance.  She said 'no', it worked perfectly!!

The mother draws our attention to a box on the hallway wall, which contains something to do with the house heating system.  The system involves a button that audibly 'clicks' when touched.  One evening, they were sitting in the living room and all she could hear, all night, was the button clicking itself on and off.

*With regards to household / electrical equipment in general - it did seem that a lot of potential 'activity' incorporated electrical items.... such as the 'kettle' and 'buttons' scenario's mentioned above.... and were, therefore, noted as potentially 'questionable', etc!?  As an example of such - the house TV was noted as often 'switching on and off' and changing channels;  a house burglar alarm regularly malfunctioned; lamps switched themselves on and off (sometimes when the family was out of the house!?); the doorbell rings, of it's own volition; computer found to have been 'switched off', after being left briefly by user.

Some of the 'electrical' activity was doubly 'questionable' - with regards to being just somehow 'faulty' - however.  One morning a friend had phoned about the 'activity' and had been told 'all was quiet' of late, it seemed.  The following morning, the father awoke to find their bedside lamps had been switched on, during the night... both his own and that of his wife (on their respective sides of the bed)!?  The daughter also mentioned the lights being seen to 'dim' in her bedroom sometimes and - when you looked at the dimmer switch on the wall - you could 'see' it physically moving!?  (The daughter suggested that 'it' was setting the mood relating to the mood of the occupants in the room?  If animated conversation was taking place, it would go bright..... if she was watching a movie, it would dim itself!?)

Close to our visit, the daughter of the family started getting the impression that something was possibly trying to 'push her' when she was on the stairs?  Mother believed it may have just been a matter of vertigo, perhaps, but daughter said it never happened on any other stairs but theirs!?

The daughter was 'off school, ill, one day - alone - and passed out in the hallway of the house.  When she 'came to' a short time later, she found that she was now lying on the settee in the living room?

The husband came home from work one day and his wife, having just had to clean up a mess of his paperwork, etc, told him off, saying:  'Don't you ever leave all of your papers in a mess like this again for me to deal with!!'  He had just placed his car keys on a sideboard and, when she was telling him off, the keys 'slid off', onto the floor.....  She apparently said:  'See, the ghost agrees with me!!'

Fleeting signs of 'movement' are often witnessed by people in the house.  I.e. the husband thought his wife had passed through the kitchen one day, but then she appeared from the opposite direction!?  The daughters boyfriend believed that the mother had passed the living room doorway, one night, in a white nightgown, but it wasn't her, etc.

A 'medium' - who did not actually visit the house - said they could 'tune into' the site and suggested there was a spirit 'under the stairs' of the property:  somebody was 'under the stairs'!?  She gave the family a cross / crucifix to place under the stairs (which was still there at the time of our visit).  They were advised (by medium) not to remove it, as whatever was under the stairs was only 'playing tricks' right now, but would become 'nasty' if it were removed!?  The cross did, once, apparently fall of the wall and actually break, but the mother made someone crawl into the space and 'glue it back'!!   

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