Saturday, 3 March 2018

Saturday 3rd March 2018

The first of 2 stories concerning peculiar sightings on 'bridges' was related to me quite recently by someone whose strange encounter occurred some years ago in Brewood, South Staffordshire.

They and their partner had been out walking and were approaching a small bridge on Shutt Green Lane - a rural thoroughfare - when they saw what they described as a 'thick shimmer' jump over the bridge and disappear into the ground.....!?!  They both instantly went and looked at the spot concerned, but there was nothing to be seen to account for the effect.... no dust, or sign of water, etc!?  I had asked if they thought what they'd seen could have possibly been something naturally occurring - i.e. a swarm of gnats, or some such effect - but they laughed at the suggestion and reiterated.... telling me that the effect resembled a 'silvery arch' that 'came over the bridge' and seemed to 'sink into the road', leaving nothing to see!?! 

The person admitted that they had got the impression of a 'horse' jumping over the bridge..... something they couldn't personally help but associate with the historic, 'English Civil War' activities that are known to have taken place in the region concerned?

I must admit that I've always taken a special interest in any stories that I hear about the Brewood region, simply because there is a 'family' ghost story attached to that area.... 


My Great-Great Aunt and Uncle were in service at Chillington Hall, Brewood, many years ago... she in domestic service and her husband a farm worker.  They were apparently walking to church - along the drive to the hall - one Sunday morning, when they spotted the figure of a woman sitting on a log nearby.  The woman appeared to be distraught, in tears, so - after they had passed by - the Aunt suggested to the Uncle that he go over and see if the woman needed help of some kind.  As you can probably guess - when he turned to check - the woman had completely vanished from sight, with no possible, natural means of having done so!? 

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