Thursday, 3 May 2018

Thursday May 3rd 2018

As regular visitors will know, we have - over the past few years - mentioned a number of ghost-related, regional publications on this page.... and this update brings yet another gem to add to any serious library on the paranormal!

'The Haunted History of Huntingdonshire' - written by Mark George Egerton - was released in October 2017 and, as far as we can ascertain, is the only publication to ever cover the fascinating ghostlore of this most historic county! 

The author himself is a very experienced paranormal investigator in his own right, with literally decades of extensive, first-hand research under his belt.  Having become interested in the subject of ghosts and haunting as a youth - following a strange encounter of his own - Marks early interest in the field was greatly encouraged and nurtured by his uncle, Trevor Kenward, who was a long standing member of 'The Ghost Club' (of Great Britain), which was established in 1862. 

Released in
A4 size format, the book runs to a whopping 332 pages in length and contains over 300 illustrations!!  This impressive 108 thousand word volume has already received considerable praise from a number of sources, including the likes of Robert Snow, the former General Secretary of the aforementioned Ghost Club! 

For anyone wishing to learn more about the volume - including details on how to obtain a copy - please visit this page:

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