Friday, 11 March 2016

Friday, March 11th 2016

Just a brief post offering a little data on some of the projects that the W.M.G.C. has been involved with in the first couple or so months of 2016...... As many of our regular visitors possibly know, 2016 will actually be our 27th year of operations as a research organisation!!  (Approx. August-time, as far as we can accurately tie the official 'start' date down, that is!?)

***One of our most recent - and more intriguing - activities has been the analysis of a snippet of video sent in to us by a Midlands resident who believed that they may have 'caught' an anomalous, male voice on their recording.  While we do not have permission to share the footage concerned on the blog, we can say that the female concerned was 'home alone' at the time that the footage was taken and was recording themselves playing a musical instrument for a friend, in an otherwise silent / isolated setting.  

At a certain point into the footage, the sound of what definitely appears to be a male / masculine voice can be heard alongside the music - at what appears the be the same sound level as the notes - being played..... just as if someone within the room had made a brief comment!?  Unfortunately, as with a great many such recordings, what is actually being 'said' remains undetermined?  At first, we believed that the voice was possibly 'reversed' - as it is very reminiscent of a backwards-recording.....  However, having simply reversed the footage, the words being spoken - if indeed they are words, of course - still remain somewhat 'garbled' and incomprehensible.........?

***In mid-January, we received a report from the head of a Midlands household who informed us that he and his family had been 'having some problems' with a presumed poltergeist-like-effect in their home.  The activity reported struck us as reasonably standard for the type of 'haunting' concerned.... involving what was reported as 'constant' banging heard on walls, door and windows of the property (also witnessed by people outside of the immediate family unit in the house); the sometimes 'violent' movement of objects around the home..... such as a mirror falling off a wall and a wooden jardiniere stand falling downstairs - seemingly of its own volition - and being smashed to pieces in the process!  On another occasion, a 'thunderous' noise of something 'invisible' crashing from top to bottom on the house staircase!?

Perhaps the most perplexing happening concerns one of the upstairs rooms in the property.  A visitor, staying overnight in the bedroom, reported hearing an unidentified 'rustling' sound 'all night long'....  Later the very next day, a member of the family went up to the room to find it seemingly 'locked from the inside', with no one in there!?  A hammer and chisel had to eventually be used to gain entry.......!!

As with many such situations, the presence of a previous - deceased - occupant of the house was suggested as being the cause of the activity concerned.....?  On this note, the occupants asked whether we might know of a medium who might be able to clear the house of the 'spirit' involved.....?

In response to this plea for help, we contacted our good friend John Chance - of Wednesbury based GhostcallersUK - as we know him of old to be a most friendly and reliable source who regularly dealt with the mediumistic / psychic angle of the field in his own work in the subject.  Very kindly, John and his team immediately responded to the matter and visited the troubled family in quick time.....  In quickly dealing with the issue concerned, John informed us that:  "It turned out the spirit causing the problem was a bit of a practical joker..... nothing nasty at all.....  The house was cleared of his playful spirit in just a few minutes!!"  

Thankfully, we can now report that - thanks to John and Co. - the house concerned is now completely peaceful and all untoward activity had ceased following the visit!!

***It is no secret that the W.M.G.C. actively takes a specific interest in certain parts of the Midlands region, when it comes to reports of 'ghostly activity'.....

In early February, we received a phone call (completely 'out of the blue', as a lot of this contact is!!) from a gentleman who asked if we would like to hear about his own, personal 'ghost sighting' from some 30 yrs ago.  The man in question, it has to be mentioned, knew little (if anything at all) of our group and luckily - having just been inspired to tell his story by a friend - happened to pick us out of the list of 'regional' associations freely available on the internet......  We do stress 'luckily' in the blurb above, as - while his account would have probably been welcomed by any group of ghost enthusiasts - his sighting just happened to fall into a geographical area that we had purposefully been 'keeping an eye on' for around 10 or more years now......!!  Despite the fact that he knew nothing at all about the ghostlore of the place concerned, his experience would very much seem to tie in with other stories that we have become aware of in that particular region, over a reasonable space of time!!

While we refrain from actually revealing the location involved, we can tell a little of the experience itself......  

As mentioned above, the matter occurred some 30 or so years ago, when our witness was 'testing out a new vehicle' that had just then been purchased by his friend.  As part of the drive, the car owner suggested that they visit a place where his mother (then) currently worked, taking them into what is best described as a 'lane' in a semi-rural setting.....

Coming to the junction of two lanes, our witness says that he saw the figure of a woman standing stock-still at the side of the road..... seemingly (he believed) 'looking at something'.....  He described the figure as around five feet tall, with long blondish hair and wearing what was taken to be some form of long, white night gown......  As peculiar as this form already appeared, he says that he was completely thrown by he fact that she had no facial features that he could see;  just a white, oval shape where her face should have been, with no sign at all of eyes, nose or mouth......!?  Furthermore, the man said that the figure appeared to have something of a 'glow' about it.... as if she were possibly holding a lamp under her night dress, giving an impression of 'light' emanating from inside the whole figure.....!?

Incredibly, the driver of the car apparently failed to see the figure... and our witness mentioned quickly that he believed he'd 'just seen a ghost'!?!  (He tells us his friend swore in response to his claim!!)  The vehicle was instantly turned round and they made the return journey to the spot in question in a matter of long-seconds..... but the peculiar woman had gone!?  He tells us that there was a high fence on the one side of the road and, in the brief time that they had taken to return to the spot, there was no way in which she could have simply walked / run and been 'out of sight' by natural means.....!?

Completely unknown to the gentleman concerned, it was interesting to group members to note that - only around half a mile distant - very much the same sort of figure was seen by a group of people some decade or so earlier!?.............