Monday, 18 July 2016

Monday 18th July 2016
A peculiar image has recently reached the W.M.G.C., taken at a Midlands firm that has been on the site concerned for some 125 years.  There are, it seems, numerous 'strange' stories associated with the property, including 'man-like' shadows seen walking through the building.....

The photograph in question was taken from a shop floor at the firm, looking across at some disused and empty offices opposite.  Ironically, the photographer concerned tells us that he is soon to have to work in the offices involved..... an option that he is now NOT exactly thrilled by!!  Laugh!!

Monday 18th July 2016

A very interesting scenario has recently been brought to the attention of the W.M.G.C., via a post on our popular Facebook page.  The matter concerned involves a residential property in Suffolk, but the details mentioned here were deemed interesting / intriguing enough to be of general interest, despite the geographical distance (from the West Mids) concerned.

In brief:  The candle shown in the attached image was purchased at a 'Sainsburys' store and placed on the window sill of a small bathroom / toilet around 1 hour before being discovered in the condition shown.  It had not been lit and there were no other lit candles with it.  The room concerned had no heat sources in it - no radiators, etc - and was generally known to be a particularly cold area.  (One of the reasons for the candles being placed on the window ledge was that, when lit, they seemed to 'take the chill' out of the bathroom).  The only potential form of heat in the room - for the time that the candle had stood in this position - was via someone having taken a bath, followed by someone taking a shower.  It was following this that the candle was discovered in this condition.

As a result of the above, queries were recently raised with people involved in the candle manufacturing process - parties who basically 'have experience' with candles on a regular basis, etc - with a view to discovering what might have possibly caused this anomaly to occur 'naturally'...?  (We hasten to add, there is no 'blame-style-scenario' taking place here, purely a matter of being intrigued by the situation).

The response from the candle manufacturers / enthusiasts was mainly one of puzzlement and all admitted that they'd NEVER seen anything like this before, under the situations stipulated.  One said that it appeared that there 'should have been' some form of 'direct' heat-source involved to attain this effect.  Another suggested that perhaps the candle wax used had a very 'low' melting point and - maybe - the warmth generated by activities in the room had potentially caused it to react in this manner!?  However, having suggested this, they did say that they'd never personally seen this happen before.......

Quickly adding a new dimension to the overall scenario, it should be mentioned that the property concerned was believed to be the site of a degree of 'ghostly' activity by the family concerned.  It seems, from what has been mentioned, that the activity involved would clearly fall into the 'poltergeist-like' bracket.  In furtherance to the above mentioned 'candle' situation, it was reported to the group that residents in the house HAD, on occasion, entered the bathroom involved to actually find candles on the window sill 'alight'....... but not having been lit by anyone in the household....!!  This situation was deemed worrying enough to merit having all of the possible ignition sources removed from the house after a point - lighters, matches, etc - but the candles continued to be found alight, non-the-less!? 

What is of considerable interest in the latter situation is the fact that it was mentioned that none of the candles found burning 'appeared to have been alight for long'..... as indicated by the general state of the candles; the liquid wax present at the time they were found and so on.  Noting certain features in other, so-called, 'poltergeist cases', it could be theorised that there was a reason for this:  in most cases where 'fires' have featured in cases of alleged haunting, it has been frequently found that the fires concerned were 'discovered' at a point before they were of a magnitude that they could cause any REAL harm!?  Many, needless to say, would regard this as a simple matter of 'good fortune', while others have suggested that this is potentially down to the very 'nature' of this form of haunting:  an example of potential 'threat', rather than blatant 'damage' or 'evil doing', etc!?      

As always, any comments on the subject concerned would, of course, be most appreciated indeed.....