Monday, 25 April 2016

Monday 25th April 2016

We've recently found ourselves most disgusted to see the following article in the 'Tamworth Herald' newspaper:

Not only is this yet another example of people utilising matters - that wouldn't be in the public domain, if it weren't for the W.M.G.C. - to make money for themselves..... but this is also unscrupulously charging members of the public £12 to enter a site that is completely FREE to people under any other circumstances!?

Given the private ownership of the site concerned, we cannot help but wonder if the commercial ghost company concerned have actually gained permission from the relevant authorities prior to planning / advertising this venture!?  It does seem quite unlikely that the Ministry Of Defence would give the go-ahead for such shenanigans, possibly!?   

Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday April 15th 2016

Yet another local-based story that has happened to 'come back to us' after a period of some time is a matter that doesn't strike the listener as potentially 'ghostly' in nature...... but certainly most 'peculiar' and 'unnatural', all the same?  Needless to say, if any incidents simply fall somewhere into the 'bizarre' category of experience, then we're more than happy to look into them.....!?

In brief:  the matter concerned initially came to our attention back in 2013, it seems, when a group member happened to be speaking to someone on a social media site about a totally unrelated matter.  In passing, the person concerned happened to as the member whether they might know something about an old factory site situated in a specific region.  As it turns out, the member did indeed know the site concerned and - when they'd asked why, particularly - they were told of a rather strange incident that had taken place there during the 1990's......

The person involved - our 'witness' in this situation - had specifically been referring to a particular spot at the rear of the factories concerned; a smallish pool of water, man-made, and once utilised in the running of the Victorian factory that was located on the periphery of the lands occupied by the former company.  As our confidant had grown up, this general patch of land had served as their 'stomping ground', as they were raised almost directly opposite the site....

An accurate description of the 'pool' itself is unnecessary to this account, save to say it appeared to be of 'concrete' construction - possibly shaped like a square based pyramid, going 'into the ground'  - each side possibly being approx. 12 meters in length.  The water was always 'sitting low enough' in the pool to reveal a few feet of each, sloping side and there was a purpose-built 'tunnel' leading 'into' one of these sides.....

Going back to the witness' story:  they tell us that their group of friends had become somewhat obsessed with the 'Goonies' movie as children and, probably because of this, they'd made up their minds one day to go and 'explore' the aforementioned tunnel.....  Skimming for the sake of brevity, a number of them had then entered the tile-lined, tunnel - with a couple of barely adequate torches between then - and succeeded in travelling a reasonable distance therein....  Coming to a junction in the passageway, they were horrified to spot - albeit only illuminated by poor light - a 'thing' that appeared to be seemingly in the process of 'scratching at the floor' of the passageway, some meters distant.....!?!  At this point, one of the mortified group had released some expletive or other and the 'whatever-it-was' had apparently 'turned to look at them'!!!   

Again, having to take very poor lighting and a state of extreme trepidation into consideration, our witness 'suggests' that the 'creature' they saw resembled some bizarre mixture twixt a 'pig'... and some sort of 'dog' in form and size.......!?  Needless to suggest, perhaps, the end result of this 'adventure' and subsequent sighting involved a group of teenagers attempting to quickly exit the very cramped tunnel in a state of extreme terror.......!!  

Of course, even in a realm as weird and wonderful as the paranormal, such a report does generally strike the onlooker as highly incredible...... but W.M.G.C. members couldn't help but be struck by the amount of background research that the witness had subsequently conducted on the site, which - we wouldn't imagine - was something that someone would basically 'do for nothing'!?  While the former factory itself is 'long gone', the pool concerned does actually still exist, having been utilised - by the company that now occupies the site - as an ornamental habitat for local wildlife.....!?!  

Friday April 15th 2016

A matter that comes at a 'slight' delay from when we first heard of it - only some 12 months or so!! - is a visit to a Black Country 'nature reserve', in the presence of a gentleman who reports having had a 'strange experience' there some 20+ years ago....

At the time in question, the man had been out for a bicycle ride with a friend, something they did regularly, and were returning through the area concerned late one night.  He had been travelling at some distance in front of his friend and, on rounding a sharp corner - onto a small path that lead to a main road - he espied the figure of a woman in what looked like a white, 'period' dress and black shawl coming towards him....  Because of the lateness of the hour and remoteness of the spot involved, he says that he immediately felt worried for a woman to be walking there so late at night.  At this point, he had stopped dead in his tracks and, as the woman drew close to where he was standing, he spoke to her as she went by..... asking if 'everything was alright?'  

He reports that there was no response whatsoever from the figure and - with a decidedly 'distant' look to her - she just walked by, completely ignoring him!?  Only a matter of a few seconds after she'd passed by, he turned round to see where she could have possibly been going.... but there was now no sign of her anywhere!?

Returning along the short stretch of path to where he'd recently turned - this bend was one branch on a 'crossroads' of paths - his friend then caught up with him.  Our witness asked if a woman had passed him as he'd approached, but the friend said that he'd certainly seen no woman on the narrow path he'd been riding on?  

If the woman had continued in the direction that the witness had initially seen her walking in, then she would have certainly still been in clear view throughout.... so that clearly wasn't an option.  Under the circumstances, only one path remained: a turning that led onto an open field and a sparse patch of young saplings.  Immediately checking here, there was no sign of the woman in that direction either!?

Our witness tells us that he has visited this particular reserve all his life - literally thousands of times - and this was the only occasion that he's ever seen anything 'peculiar' over there...!?  Interestingly - and perhaps with bearing on the experience - the spot where the woman was seen was, formerly, part of a old, canal towpath.... that stretch, however, having been filled in literally decades ago...!?  In reflecting on the position that the figure had proceeded, the witness suggests that she had skirted the path in a somewhat strange position, literally 'hugging' a line of trees and shrubbery along one edge of the track, instead of utilising the man-made, designated pathway....?  If one looks at maps of the area concerned, her path does seem indicative of the old 'line' of the former, canal towpath......  Of interest too was the simple fact that to actually get into this position on the trackway, she would have physically, it appears, walked down a considerably 'steep' embankment; a little baffling, given that a ready-made 'flight of steps' were only 5 - or so yards distant!?