Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dudley / Holly Hall Ghost Appeal????

Hot on the heels of our last post, comes another appeal for information about hauntings and potential folklore associated with the Dudley area of the Black Country. The WMGC has recently been contacted by an interested party, who tells us that they are currently endeavouring to find out as much about the ghostlore of the region in question as they can. In particular, they are interested in the Holly Hall region of the town - between Dudley and Brierley Hill - because of a snippet of intriguing 'spooky-ness' that they have been aware of for many years.

In short, the account concerns a trustworthy gentleman who was walking along a stretch of the Holly Hall Canal many years ago and reported having seen what he could only describe as a 'devil-like' figure!!!! Interestingly, this is not the only sighting of this type to have occurred in the region, it seems, as our correspondent also received potentially corresponding information from another, unrelated source.......

Needless to say, the W.M. Ghost Club has taken considerable interest in this matter, as it was only in a recent website update that we happened to mention an interest in the 'Blue Devils' that have long been associated with the Rowley Regis area, just South of Dudley.

If you might have any information or snippets of local folklore to impart, then our contact can be reached directly via the following email address:

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