Wednesday, 30 October 2013

OCTOBER 30th 2013:
Media Related Activity:

In recent months, the West Midlands Ghost Club have featured in a small number of newspaper articles and local radio broadcasts:  

*On August the 9th, a group member appeared on the Shane O' Connor Show on BBC Radio WM, as part of a broadcast concerning a new 'EVP App' that had just been released for mobile phone users.  

*On August the 19th 2013, a WMGC member was interviewed for BBC Radio WM as part of a ghost related show on the Caroline Martin Show. 

*On Sept. 20th 2013, a 'Birmingham Mail' article was published about a 'haunted hair salon' in the Northfield region that the group is currently involved with.  On the same day that the aforementioned piece appeared, a group member was invited to speak on the Danny Kelly Show (BBC Radio WM) on the subject.  The 'Mail' article concerned can be accessed 'HERE'.

*On October 24th, A 'Staffordshire Sentinel' article was published outlining some haunted sites in the North Staffs region that had been suggested to the newspaper by WMGC members.  The article can be read 'HERE'

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