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November 22nd 2013

A big thank you to our good friend, Su Lamb, for allowing us to reproduce the notes that she recently shared with us about her recent (Tues. Nov. 19th) visit to Bosworth Battlefield in Leicestershire.  The event attended was one of the organised 'Haunted Heritage' visits to the region, a venture which - supposedly, according to their website blurb - has "...exclusive rights to conduct paranormal walks using ghost detection equipment at Bosworth and are able to get closer to the actual battle field than most of the general public are allowed".......... (The 'Haunted Heritage' site can be visited via this LINK).

"Myself my brother and my friend, Sue, decided to go on the Bosworth Ghost walk, which started at around 8.30pm.  We were extremely lucky with the weather because, although it was cold, it was a clear, moonlight night. There was a Medium there, and a Battlefield Expert too. (Who was the more interesting of the two to listen to to be honest!)

Before we set out, the Medium invited people in the group to hold an EMF or K2 meter.... but us three were more intent on looking where we were going and not slipping!  Anyway, up on Ambion Hill, we were given a brief outline of what happened at Bosworth (Aug 22nd, 1485, King Richard III was killed here and so began the reign of the Tudors) then we began our tour of the battlefield.

Almost immediately, some of the people in the group who were holding K2 and EMF meters, noticed that they were going off - making crackling noises and the lights going on and off.  This continued to happen all night, which, according to the Medium was a sure sign of paranormal activity!?  She then kept stopping at various points and telling us what she was "picking up".  Now, to be quite honest, I felt that she was "leading".... in that she seemed to be planting thoughts and pictures into our minds.  She then reported being able to see a very tall figure (which couldn't have been Richard III then, because he was only slightly built).

Now my brother has a night vision lens, and, every now and then, we'd be looking through it.  Suddenly, he drew my attention to something he had spotted, which seemed to be like a ball of light going in a straight line.... clearing a hedge and vanishing!!  Now, I'm one of those people who, when they see "Mediums" on Ghost adventures or some such programmes start talking about 'orbs', I start to yawn!!  But this 'orb', or whatever it was, seemed to have a purpose to where it was going because of the way it moved along!!  I kept this sighting to myself, however, because the whole group would have 'been on' my brother for his night vision lens, like a zombie invasion! lol!

So, we continued to walk around and, actually, it was quite pleasant listening to the owls and foxes there.  However, my friend Sue swore she heard a drum beating; I thought I did too at one point, but then, on reflection, maybe that was a subconscious reaction to what the Medium had previously been saying?  I had also been wondering whether there were any horses or stables in that general area, because the Medium was, at one point, speaking of people hearing horses around the battlefield area, which is quite large?  I was thinking that, when horses start galloping, you can hear them from quite a distance can't you?  Under the circumstances, the sounds reported might not be anything paranormal anyway!?  Not trying to deliberately be sceptical, but this type of thing is a distinct possibility isn't it?

We then walked to the famous Well at Bosworth, which, allegedly, was the place where King Richard III took his last drink before going into battle.  To be honest, I wasn't listening to the medium - in fact I wasn't paying any attention at all, as I was intently watching the frost forming on the wooden fence around the well - when I distinctly felt someone, or something, touch the back of my neck!!!  I turned around and told my brother to stop it and asked Sue if she was playing me up... but both swore to me that they really hadn't touched me!  I looked around and there was actually no one within reaching distance either..... That was rather odd!  The medium later did say that one or two ladies, when in that area, had also reported being touched.... but I guess that's neither here nor there really!?  However, I do 'know' that somebody definitely touched me!!

After the walk, we went back into the building and people had taken photos of "orbs" and 'mist'..... but nothing really significant.  However, I really enjoyed it; it was quite fun and I'd do it again!!"

Needless to mention, with the verified discovery of the remains of Richard III quite recently, the Battle of Bosworth and it's related history has become extremely popular over the past year or so.  The W.M.G.C. first visited the region close to Halloween 2007, after hearing rumours of potential spooky happenings there...... 

Once again - thank you very much to Su for sharing her experience and views with us.....!!

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