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May 10th 2014

It goes without saying that we do get to hear of a fair few 'ghost stories' and experiences with time, but some encounters and situations are worthy of sharing..... The following matter is something that has come in to the group as a result of a recent appeal for data around the West Midlands region and was sent in to us by a gentleman who lives in a reasonably modern house, in a rural setting, but which has it's foundations in the 13th Century. The original structure on the site was apparently one of local prominence, with the current dwelling - and surrounding buildings - built in the early 1970s on the original, older, structural footprint..... Our correspondent has lived in the house for the past 15 or so years and there have been multiple, peculiar experiences during that time-period - including animal disruption / reaction - being reported by numerous people.

Within the first few days of moving in, we are told that the mother of the family was somehow 'locked' inside the garage of the property. The key had actually been physically turned in the lock from the other (house) side of the door. The husband had gone out and she was in the house with their small son - only one year of age - and totally unable to have reached the key..... let alone have the strength or dexterity to have turned it in the lock! Finding herself trapped, the unfortunate woman had to bang on the inside of the garage door and get the attention of a neighbour who called the husband on his mobile to return home and finally release her!!

A most intriguing experience occurred in April, last year, when the gentleman woke to see a woman standing in the breach of their bedroom doorway. One seeing it, he actually 'kicked out' at the form, thinking it was an intruder! The closest description he could give of 'her' appearance would be to liken her to the actress, Jill Gascoine, from the early 1980's TV series, 'The Gentle Touch'. From the look of her hairstyle, the witness suggested a late 1970's or early 80's date to the form. By the time his leg - in the process of delivering the intended blow - had come to rest back on the bed, the woman had vanished....

Of obvious interest is the fact that he couldn't recall a body to the overall form, but remembers the V-shaped neckline of a dress or perhaps jumper, that seemingly tapered away to nothing. 

Other experiences in the property include numerous - more poltergeist-like-happenings - such as an electronic 'walker' [toddler's toy] playing its tunes in the living room, without any human interaction. The stereo has also been witnessed acting in the same way in the same area. It was suggested that this could possibly be significant in some way, because this room is where the internal garage door is situated....? Referring back to the 'locking in' incident: the young son was, at that point in time, sitting on the wooden floor in the centre of this room - barely having learned to walk - when the mother entered the garage, etc. A sturdy photo frame was found to have 'fallen forward' - defying logic - as it is of a design that 'sits back' on its stand. It is suggested that there may be an interesting correlation with this event, as shortly after the current, family dog was obtained, she was witnessed staring intently in the direction of where the frame is situated..... and barked incessantly, as she would normally do if she had heard someone approaching the door to the house!? It's noted that she is an incredible watch dog - half Staffie / half Rhodesian Ridgeback!!

A visitor to the house stayed (in what is now the daughters room) over Christmas and recalled waking up, in the middle of the night, to see an old lady sat in - a very real - rocking chair that is situated in the corner of the room.... Unfortunately, for the person concerned, they couldn't get much sleep until it got light afterwards! 

Something that is frequently mentioned to us in this kind of situation, it has to be pointed out, is the experience of something 'vague' - movement? - being seen in the hallway / bottom of the stairs region of the house, from seating (chair / sofa) in the living room. It has been queried by the family whether this may possibly be just a matter of 'minds playing tricks on them' but this is, as mentioned, something that is frequently noted in a great many such situations!? (Throughout the history of ghostlore, there is frequently emphasis put on stairs and the like, such places being a rather liminal motif?) Along such, similar lines, perhaps, it was also mentioned that the son was frequently heard talking to someone or something as a toddler....... though, quite objectively, of course, it was stated that there was no real, definitive 'it's this or that'; such activity potentially being put down to the normal circumstances surrounding a young child... an 'imaginary friend' scenario or a case of child-like 'rambling to himself', etc. It's noted though that this always occurred in his bedroom, before sleep.

At times, a lot of 'inexplicable noises' are heard in the house, but the properties are attached to those of neighbours, so some of the sound can be put down to the adjoining occupants. However, the neighbours are noted as being 'frequently away'..... so unusual noises are not always so readily dismissed at such junctures!?

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