Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Nottinghamshire Interest....

W.M.G.C.‭ ‬members were intrigued to recently receive an enquiry associated with a wonderful site that,‭ ‬albeit situated just outside our usual,‭ ‬geographical parameters,‭ ‬seems worthy of mention.‭

The note concerned came from Sarah Ascott who is currently conducting research on the atmospheric ruin of Annesley Hall‭ (‬shown above‭) ‬in Nottinghamshire.‭

Sarahs interest in the building stems from the fact that her Grandmother was‭ ‘‬Head Cook‭’ ‬at the hall during‭ ‬the‭ ‬1920‭'‬s.‭ ‬Needless to say the site has always had something of a ghostly reputation and we are told that her relative reports having frequently seen the‭ ‬ghost of a woman pass her on the main stairs of the hall,‭ ‬on many occasions,‭ ‬whilst in service there‭…‬...‭ ‬Such accounts were well know in Sarahs family,‭ ‬her Grandmother having often related her encounters to different relatives over the years.

Apparently,‭ ‬sightings of this mysterious,‭ ‬female figure were not only confined to her Grandmother,‭ ‬as other members of the staff‭ – ‬serving at the hall,‭ ‬at the same time‭ – ‬also spoke of witnessing such things‭!! ‬Historically speaking,‭ ‬some sources mention that the body of a woman was allegedly discovered near to one of the staircases at the hall,‭ ‬but it cannot currently be ascertained whether this has any connection with the staircase mentioned in the aforementioned sightings or whether‭ – ‬if it were‭ – ‬such a discovery has any direct bearing on the incidents in question‭?

While the W.M.‭ ‬Ghost Club has never had the pleasure of investigating this historic site,‭ ‬group member Steve Chew did visit the general area a number of years ago and was privy to a private tour of the hall at the time.

As with a great many such structures,‭ ‬Annesley Hall has,‭ ‬over recent years,‭ ‬now become a popular‭ ‘‬haunt‭’ ‬of numerous ghost societies and associations.‭ ‬A report by the Derbyshire Ghost Society can be viewed at this LINK

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The W.M.G.C.

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