Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Death Of 'Most Haunted' - Hurrahhhh!!!!

A friend of the W.M.G.C. called last night to tell us that Living TV have now, apparently, decided to drop the show 'Most Haunted' from their schedule.

It had already been mentioned, some weeks ago, that there wasn't a live, Halloween edition of the programme planned for this year...... an omission which had been a surprise to many, it has to be said.

The news that Yvette Fielding was planning to give up hosting the show, was announced some months ago, but it was mentioned (in the piece concerned) that some alternative host was to be found.....

Evidently, it appears that this proposal didn't happen in the end.... or else Living TV's decision to pull the plug on the show has put pay to any further plans / action in this quarter.

Unfortunately - in place of the usual M.H rubbish - an alternative 'live' show is planned..... It's is currently being billed as a show which will involve two paranormal groups - one scientifically motived, the other psychically motivated - going 'head-to-head' in some haunted location somewhere.........

The same old rubbish again it seems and, given that this form of ill-advised, reality bullsh*t has already outstayed it's welcome on British TV - especially where paranormal related programmes are concerned - well..... will anyone actually bother to watch more of the same biased drivel????


Dave said...

I couldn't agree more. I have to admit that the missus and I did used to watch it in the beginning (if only for the entertaining Mr Akorah's antics) but it soon became apparent that their methods were a little - how can we put this - weighted towards the sensational rather than a more obvious common-place explanation. Anyone who has ever taken digital pictures in an old building will see orbs a plenty (or dust particles as I prefer to call them)

W.M.G.C. said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your recent comment!!

When the show first began, lots of people began approaching me with an impressed 'Wow - do you watch Most Haunted?' air about them. However, things have definitely paled for the programme over the years and, recently, any comments I'd been getting were more along the scoffing 'God - do you watch that Most Haunted rubbish?' kind!! Laugh, laugh!!!

All the best to you Dave,

The W.M.G.C.

John W said...

Hi there, John here from the BCPS, how are you doing?

Yeah, I was over the moon when I read the article! It was inevitable really, a show has to hit its peak and decline at some point - shame it took 8 or 9 years longer than necessary in Most Haunted's case.

Is that 'Ghost Hunting with ...' pile of crap still showing? Why people want to see foul-mouthed d-list celebrities run around screaming with Yvette is beyond me.

Anyway, lets hope that this spells the beginning of the end for this fad, and the armchair ghosthunters (as I like to call them) stop buying into those 70-80 quid a night ghosthunting companies.

One thing I will say for Most Haunted, there were some genuinely intriguing things captured on camera, and if they compiled them into one episode it would make for interesting viewing. The one thing it will be remembered for most is the immortal line "Mary loves Dick!" ....kinda sums up the show really!

W.M.G.C. said...

Hi John,

I can't comment on the 'Ghosthunting With....' show, as these have a tendency to just crop up every so often, with no real planning involved. Lets hope that there is soon to be an end to all of this sort of drivel and - perhaps in another 10 years or so - the subject may have returned to something of an even keel, perhaps? (Though I sincerely doubt it!!)

Unfortunately, there are still a myriad alternatives to Most Haunted - mainly US fare, which are possibly worse that the former mentioned in a lot of ways!! Laugh!!

Fingers crossed matey for a quick end to all of this crap, eh?

All the best to you,



John W said...

Hi! Thanks for the reply, and I agree, fingers crossed the American rubbish ends soon too! I've set up a blog of my own now, let me know what you think: http://mainlyparanormal.blogspot.com/

John W.

W.M.G.C. said...

Hi John,

Thanks for the comment....

We will give your blog a mention / link matey!!

All the best,