Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wednesday June 4th 2014

Again - checking through some old files for something else, completely unrelated - I've just unearthed another matter we were involved with (briefly) a short while ago - hailing from the Tipton area of the Black Country.  The householder who contacted us about their haunting in 2008 said they had been trawling the internet in an endeavour to check out their area for other instances of ghostly activity, on the weight of their own experiences (in their home).  They said they had  tried to research the estate on which they lived, but had not had much success.  As with a lot of instances, we were told that they had been reticent to actually speak to people about the matter, for fear of being dubbed 'strange'!   

The family concerned had been in the premises some 3 yrs (by this date of contact) and activity seemed to be mainly poltergeist-like in basis.  This included such random - and culturally recognisable (from a ghost-related sense, in this day and age) - effects as family pets (dog) being disturbed; extreme cold feelings; banging... and numerous other noises.  It was strongly emphasised that the house concerned was regarded as 'really horrid to live in', as it has a 'strange vibration' about it and played host to numerous weird things.  The person that initially contacted us - the mother of the family - said that they felt so generally uncomfortable there, they tended to leave the site early in the mornings and found it had to stay in certain parts of the house - i.e. the front room.  Her husband was a lorry driver so, she had to be alone at night sometimes.  (She spoke of a feeling of someone watching her all the time)  Spates of 'very bad health' were also associated with the property by our correspondent(?) 

We were told that a rocking horse had to be placed out of the way, in the garden shed, because family members and visitors to the house had apparently seen it 'rock' on its own!?  The people situated in the next, adjoining property also, apparently, had problems with strange occurrences, such as objects moving of their own accord, glasses breaking and so forth.  Children in this 2nd family concerned were said to have suffered poor sleep patterns; something that was also alleged to be happening in the first property too.  Our correspondent reportedly could not sleep without sleeping pills anymore.... and the tiny daughter of the neighbour had seemingly developed instances of 'night terrors'.

As in a lot of such cases, electrical items were often found to have been (presumably) damaged or affected by events.  It was specifically mentioned that 'kettles' kept blowing up, it seems..... the family having 'seen off' 11 in the space of  3 and a half years there!  Lightbulbs are also regularly found to have 'blown' and need replacing - sometimes on a daily basis.  Electrical circuits within the property were thoroughly checked by experts and no problems could ever be found.

One of the most bizarre aspects of the matter was the fact that, on numerous occasions, 'shadowy figures' were seen moving past the bedroom windows...... externally!? (And the bedrooms were on the 1st floor!)  Interestingly, the neighbours children are said to have had the very same experience with such shadows....?

The woman said that it was mainly for her 'curiosity' about the area that she had mailed us, as, due to developments on the day she had written, the family may have only stayed in the house for a further 6 or so weeks..... and she had 'put in' for another, rental property (that day) as she was finding it just too uncomfortable to stay there.  The house - actually owned by the family - would be sold and she was (then currently) digging through old mining and structural reports and so on, to see if she could find out more about the site via its more general history.  (We were also told that the neighbour would also be in touch with us, over their own problems.  This contact didn't happen, as it turns out).

We had initially offered to visit the family concerned and - as par for the course - record their story / experiences as fully as possible.  Sadly, our own involvement with the property / people concerned suddenly came to something of a 'full-stop' when they apparently called in a ghost-busting association from the Dudley region who were claiming to be able to 'speak to the spirits' and 'coerce them to move on'...... and other clap-trap....!!  Typically - speaking to the family later - we were told that the club concerned had performed all sorts of bizarre rituals and silly shenanigans on the night that they visited and, despite claiming to have contacted the ghosts and got rid of them....... activity at the house continued regardless!!   

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Steve Foster said...

So they decided to have someone 'coerce' the spirits to leave and yet the activity continued. Well one of two things happened. Either the spirits came back or new ones arrived. Or two, no one went anywhere cause the group that made them leave was full of bull. My vote goes with number two.