Monday, 25 August 2014

August 25th 2014

West Midlands Ghost Club members eventually visited Chetwynd in Shropshire on Friday night (Aug. 22)..... in search of the ghost of Madam Pigott!! Thankfully, the (recently 'dodgy') weather kept dry and clear for us, so - with the usual cracking company, of course - it turned out to be an absolutely lovely evening all-round!!

As well as a graveyard meeting with a local press photographer, group members took a lengthy walk along Chetwynd Road to the outskirts of Newport - a stretch where the bulk of Madam Pigott sightings are made - and a few sound recordings were made along the route taken.   A brief 'pause' was made at the Chetwynd Lodge, situated in an isolated spot, half way along the thoroughfare, which features in one of the more recent stories that we had been made aware of.......  According to witnesses, the ghost of a woman carrying a baby was spotted near to the property and a form of 'chase' ensued, with a group of people following the apparition for some while afterwards!?! 

Just prior to setting out on the venture, we received a phone call - in response to the recent Shropshire Star article on the matter - from a (once) local lady who informed us that the father of a friend of hers had suffered a heart attack in the early 60's after seeing Madam Pigott near Chayney Hill!!  Needless to say, this was more than a little worrying for some of the older, male members of the group!!  Laugh!!  Thankfully, the man concerned didn't die from the experience...... though I'll bet it was something he didn't forget for the rest of his days, eh?

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