Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wednesday 26th October 2016

Earlier this month, the little-known 'Back-To-Back Museum' in Birmingham hit local headlines when a photograph was taken inside the property, which - it is suggested - potentially contained a somewhat 'strange' detail......!?

Speaking directly with the visitor who took the photograph concerned - Ella Reeves, from Wolverhampton - we were told that she decided to visit the museum in early October.  The purpose for her visit was the simple fact that her grandfather - who passed away in his 90's, a couple of years ago - was raised in similar properties as a boy.... and she had basically wanted to see how he may have lived. 

Visitors to the National Trust site are conducted around the properties in guided tours and, on the day in question, Ella tells us that she was a member of a party of 8.  The bulk of the tour itself went without issue, eventually visiting the bedroom where the photograph in question was taken.  After hearing a description of the area concerned, the part began to move on, but Ella says that she had suddenly felt 'weird'.... tingly and cold!?

She admits she was only alone for a very brief time, but had her phone out and so snapped a photograph.  She hadn't seen anything with the naked eye at the time, but, later that day, on looking through the shots taken, she spied a strange 'shadow' on the wall in front of her!?  (*Image shown above is a completely unedited version of the photograph, as it appears on Ellas phone.  Needless to say, the image concerned appears here courtesy of Ella Reeve and remains her intellectual property).

As far as Ella is concerned, there was no one else in the room to be casting such a shadow in that particular position, as all other members of her party had vacated the area concerned by that time.  It is also very unlikely - if not impossible - for the shadow to be hers.... as it is clearly cast from a different direction entirely to where she was standing and Ella has long, straight hair, which was falling down over her shoulders that day.  (While the shadow clearly shows the shape of a head / neck / shoulders, etc).

When the photograph concerned shortly came to the attention of media / social networking sources, something of a 'meal' was made of the situation in different quarters.....!  The 'better' offering from the newspaper reports (the 'Express And Star') can be read via this LINK, and local radio also picked up on the story in the days that followed...... 

Sadly - and inevitably - some of the media sources concerned have seemingly misrepresented / misreported data mentioned by Miss Reeve.... the main point in question being the emphasis 'put on' her deceased grandfather, when it came to the image in question.  We are assured that at no point did Ella suggest / hope that the 'shadow' was the 'ghost of her grandfather', such notions being a result of 'spin' by the media sources concerned.....     

In studying the image concerned, also in conjunction with observations made by other parties, Ella admits that she is puzzled by the potential mechanics of the situation.  As a result, she plans to return to the site within the coming weeks and endeavour to 'put her mind to rest' on the situation, one way or another....?

Needless to say, we very much look forward to hearing from Ella again and shall - hopefully - be able to report on the matter here.  Our thanks go out to Miss Reeve for taking the time to speak with us so fully on the matter and sharing her images with us!   

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