Sunday, 8 October 2017

Sunday 8th October 2017

For anyone living in the Black Country - or immediate surrounding regions - the W.M.G.C. are excited to report the opening of 'Reiki Fallen Feathers', a new 'healing room' being launched by a friend of the group, Michelle Hyde in Darlaston, near Walsall.

For anyone 'not in the know' on this positive-energy treatment system:  'Reiki' is a popular, Japanese technique for promoting stress reduction, relaxation and encourages overall healing.  As with a number of alternative, healing systems, treatment is administered by the "laying on of hands".... hinging on the application of positive 'life force energy' to promote general happiness and good health.  The system - a wholly natural and completely safe form of 'spiritual' healing - is applied in order to treat the 'entire being'.... which includes both physical and psychological aspects of the recipient. 

Michelle herself has been a Reiki practitioner for some 6 years now, having passed degrees 1 and 2, and attaining the level of Masters 3.   She uses oils as part of her treatment process and, needless to say, is fully insured. 

Michelle tells us that she will be opening her rooms on the 16th of October, from 10.00 a.m. till 2.00 p.m. and - needless to say - ALL are welcome to drop in for a chat, consultation and tasters!!  The shop itself is situated at number 73, Walsall Road, Darlaston, and is situated at the rear of the 'Link Up' phone shop.  Postcode for the rooms is WS10 9JU, for anyone relying on SatNav tech to navigate, and - for more direct contact - her mobile number is 07514 401628.  Anyone using Facebook can also visit the 'Reiki Fallen Feathers' official page 'HERE'

Needless to say - the West Midlands Ghost Club wish Michelle every success in this venture!!  All the best.......!!

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