Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Tuesday 31st October 

There's no doubt that Kenilworth Castle, in North Warwickshire, is an absolutely magnificent ruin.  However, speaking to a BBC researcher this morning, I was informed that the site had, apparently, just been dubbed their '2nd Most Haunted Site...' by English Heritage?  

The young lady admitted that she was somewhat surprised when I'd instantly said 'bullsh*t!' to such a suggestion....... though, in my defence, I certainly had first-hand experience to back-up my sceptical view!!

Upon first visiting the castle, well over 20 years ago now, I had - as I invariably did back then - gone to see the site with a view to learning of any associated ghost stories or spooky legends....  Sadly, on speaking with staff members, I was told that there was basically 'nothing' to suggest the site was actually haunted......!  In fact, I'd been so clearly crestfallen by this news that the staff concerned suggested that I get in touch with Ashby De La Zouch Castle in Leicestershire, where a photograph - supposedly containing a ghostly figure - had JUST then been taken!  (*as a matter of interest, I DID write to Ashby Castle and they kindly sent me an artists impression of the figure supposedly seen in the photograph involved!)

Meg Elizabeth Atkins, in her excellent book 'Haunted Warwickshire' (Publ. 1981) does actually list a single, spooky experience for Kenilworth Castle, where a visitor was watching a re-enactment group dressed as medieval musicians.  During the show, the witness claims to have seen the figure of a woman 'materialise' amid the performers..... a figure that was also dressed in period costume, but was seated and seemed to be in the process of sewing.....  The witness was present with friends, who were also looking in the same direction at the very same time, though neither of her companions saw anything amiss.....!?

Of course, the above-mentioned story certainly does not constitute a 'haunting'..... and, while not actually doubting the witness' testimony, it may not even constitute a genuine 'ghostly experience' as such, needless to say!?  As far as can be ascertained, this is the only 'ghost-like' encounter to have been reported and recorded in the last few decades at least.......?

Yet - as mentioned above.... Kenilworth Castle is now, it seems, English Heritage's No. 2 'go-to' site for 'spooky happenings'!?!  How exactly does this status pretty-much 'suddenly' come about, you can't help but wonder? 

Well - given the popularity of 'paranormal matters' over the past 20 years or so, it is quite obvious as to 'why' a lot of places that are open to the public suddenly seem to have 'developed a ghostlore'!?  I won't insult your intelligence in bothering to go into the matter any further than that, but, suffice it to say 'Ghosts = Cash' in this day and age!!

Of course, there is a definite knock-on effect to this kind of thing and it's really no exaggeration to say that this kind of clear mis-representation of ghostlore is having a detrimental effect on the subject for future generations of serious research / researchers.  Sadly, the effects concerned are irreversible and - given the nature of this field - everlasting.....  The REAL horror of the situation is the simple fact that the damage is being done purely to extract money - 'make a buck' - from those who would, in this day and age, class themselves as 'serious ghost researchers' just because they are willing to stick their hands in their pockets and attend these shenanigans!?  Rolls eyes....!!

Anyhow - rant over....... but within the last few hours of tapping out this note, I have noticed a number of newspaper articles advertising another, formerly 'non-haunted', property as NOW seemingly 'brimming with ghosts' too........!!    

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