Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Tuesday 28th November 2017

It was great news to recently hear that our old friend and local author, Andrew Homer, had released yet another volume dedicated to the supernatural history of the 'local' region...!!

As visitors to this page will know, Andrew is a highly-respected and accredited paranormal researcher with literally decades of experience to his name. He has previously written a number of works on the immediate Midlands area, including his very popular 'Beer and Spirits', 'Haunted Hostelries of Shropshire' and 'A Black Country Miscellany'.  

His new book, 'Black Country Ghosts and Hauntings', is intended as a major update to his successful 'GhostNav' phone-app project - released in 2014 - but, this time, the data comes to fans in a more traditional 'publication' format.....

Andy tells us:  "This new book is a ghostly guide to over 150 spooky locations in and around the 'Black Country' region.... presenting readers with a whole host of haunted houses, castles, pubs and hotels that have been carefully researched and mapped over the space of many years.  ALSO included in the book are some ghostly tales from a little further afield.... such as the popular 'Drakelow Tunnels' in Wolverley, which I've personally investigated on a number of occasions....."

Copies of 'Black Country Ghosts and Hauntings' can be obtained  through Amazon, via this LINK though people are also urged to check out Andrews web page which also contains comprehensive details of all of his other works too:  http://www.andrewhomer.co.uk/

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