Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Tuesday 5th December 2017

I the late 80's I saw a guest on the topical chat-show, 'The Time, The Place', talking about a spooky encounter that he'd once had. He said that he had been speaking to an elderly lady - standing right next to her - when she had suddenly started to glow... before vanishing in front of his eyes!! Describing this 'glow effect', he had stressed that she didn't actually emit or radiate light - as a bulb would (for example) - but gave the impression of being 'lit from within'; colourless, with every little detail of the figure becoming razor sharp during this process.......!?

Interestingly, the mans description of this effect understandably stuck with me..... and I've actually heard the same account being given for 'other', supposed apparitions over the years, including two separate, unrelated sightings of female figures in the Great Barr / Barr Beacon area of Walsall. (Both of the latter were reported to me independently - years apart - by totally unrelated people, involving completely different parts of the Great Barr region).

Moving forwards to only a few nights ago, I was speaking to a young lady about a peculiar sighting that she and a friend had in a suburb of Birmingham, one night, when she mentioned that the seemingly male figure she'd witnessed had struck her as being the same beige-like colour, top to toe - all over - and that he 'wasn't glowing', but she could 'see through him clearly', as if he was close by, though he was actually situated many yard distant!? Detecting what I believed was clear consternation in trying to describe the figure concerned, I pushed for more details and was told that the night / area was pitch black.... there was no light source locally..... but she stressed that she was 'surprised by the detail' that she could see the figure in!?

Now, at this point I have to emphasise that I'm invariably an advocate of 'purity' when cataloguing accounts and testimonies and, while I always try to record as full as story as possible, I am always conscious of the ways in which I question witnesses and extract the stories involved, etc. However, in this instance - having got as full a story as possible and noting the apparent difficulty in adequately describing the figure concerned - I HAD eventually mentioned the examples cited earlier in an endeavour to discover whether the witness saw any similarities......?

"Yes..... the bulb thing is spot-on!!" came the reasonably definite response!

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