Friday, 24 April 2009

'Ghost Rider' Requiem?

It would appear that the intriguing story of the Great Barr riders has eventually slid to a halt over the last week or so, with the most recent press appeals resulting in only a handful of further responses carrying very similar data. Needless to say, this story does appear to have been well and truly 'put to bed' a couple or so weeks ago now, with regards to it actually being a 'paranormal related' matter...

Our recent correspondents could add little to the story that we have already gleaned so far; the riders are very much 'of flesh and blood', dress up in period costume and are based at a small-holding in a particular area. A recent visit to this area by a group member and an interview with (independent) witnesses has revealed that the riders concerned do seem to regularly take a particular path up to Barr Beacon from a certain stables. However, it was also mentioned that the men haven't been seen in a while now....?

Hmmmm - could the latter mentioned be a direct result of all of the recent interest in their activities, perhaps? Laugh!!

As frequently occurs in these instances - and something we always look forward to with some gusto - are the 'extra' or 'bonus' details that tend to get passed along at such junctures. 'Everyone has a ghost story to tell' they say and such 'oh, by the way(s)...' and 'while we're on the subject of ghosts...' have greatly been our bread and butter for some two decades! As a result, we have also received further (unrelated) calls concerning a three witness sighting of a 'glowing figure' in the Great Barr area some years ago and a very peculiar and frightening 'physical assault' on a vehicle momentarily parked in a particular spot! The witnesses in this instance saw nothing at all during their experience, despite the car they were in seemingly being violently 'bounced' by something!? Further stories sent in to us concerned two separate, group sightings.... one of (presumed) 'phantom horsemen' on a nearby ancient road and another of a solitary figure in period costume crossing a busy, main road in the region.....

Some of the sites associated with the experiences and stories concerned can be found at our photo-album page:

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