Saturday, 11 April 2009

Ghostly Extra?

The intriguing image above was sent to the W.M.G.C. in January (09) by Mr. John Riley* who lives in the Midlands area. John had been out with his daughter one evening to a popular, country bar / restaurant, when a simple snap-shot taken with a camera phone resulted in this mysterious image.

Over the last 20 years, we have been presented with many different types of photograph, showing many different types of anomalies, but Mr. Rileys picture certainly stands out as one of the most perplexing that we've seen so far.

Had the mist-like effect shown been present in the very front portion of the image - i.e. in front of the subject herself - then it would most likely have been presumed to be a simple by-product of smoke, or perhaps breath, showing up as close proximity contamination. However, as the anomaly is clearly behind the subject, then this cannot really be the case in this particular instance. To illustrate the point: the 'mist' can clearly be seen both above and below the girls arm - the arm cutting across the anomaly - showing it to be situated 'behind' her.

The one suggestion that we have regarding the picture is that it might possibly be some form of 'motion blur' affecting the image - as in an object or a person somehow caught in the process of moving through the image and being mis-interpreted by the camera? Such effects have been produced in the past, though this usually incorporates an object moving at excessive speed.......

Of course, some people who have seen the photograph have suggested that it has been faked in some way? (Such skullduggery being a very common and ever present problem in this paranormally-charged, digital age, needless to mention!!) Having met personally with Mr. Riley, the group obtained a phone to phone transfer of the original image (and all of the associated data) which greatly rules out - or at least curbs - the prospects of a simple fraud. Furthermore, Mr. Riley and his daughter have remained exceptionally unbiased about the nature of the image; both seem most genuine and constant in their testimonies and have clearly stressed to us that they don't particularly believe in ghosts. To them, the anomaly shown is not paranormal!

Having spoken with the proprietor of the property concerned about the image, group members were told that the site was allegedly haunted, but he had never experienced anything at all untoward in his time there. The building itself was constructed in the 18th Century and has served many purposes over the last 200+ years, prior to it's recent development into the popular hostelry that it is today.

Whatever the true nature of this image - plain old camera effect or spooky interloper - it certainly stands as a most intriguing photograph indeed....

We would greatly welcome any comments and input that you might have on the subject?

(*Note - pseudonyms have been used in this account to protect the photographer, etc).

All the best,

The W.M.G.C.

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Anonymous said...

This is a really interesting photograph. I think motion blur can be ruled out and if it's been transferred directly from one phone to another and the data verified then I fail to see how it can have been manipulated as you would need photoshop or similar to create such an effect, something which a phone cannot do. One of the best ghostly photo's I've seen.