Monday, 13 April 2009

Great Barr Riders..... Again!

And still, the information continues to pour in!

We have just now received an exceptionally detailed missive (edited, below) from Debra Horton concerning the enigmatic horsemen. She says:

"I often see them around lunchtime on my way to work around 1.30pm never coming home at 2.15pm. As there are riding stables close by in Streetly, near to the crematorium, I simply thought they were from there.

I have to say that the first time I saw them they reminded me of Spanish/Mexican riders and had a very confident air about them. There are three riders always in the same positions. The centre rider, a few steps ahead of the other 2, has the larger horse, a chestnut. The gentleman is tall and well built, not fat but muscular - he is attractive and looks the youngest. He wears a 'cowboy' hat with the strings low and I have seen him with the hat at the back of his head over/on his shoulders. It has no fringes and is quite plain, it is a pale tan/amber colour the same as his chaps which appear to sit quite high and wide on his legs. He wears a long leather coat which is also long enough to cover the back end/rump of the horse sadly, I am unable to tell you the colour.

The other riders, the one on his left is older and appears to have grey or lighter hair maybe even a sandy colour and also wears a hat most times. It is hard to describe his features or clothing as he is generally the furthest away from me. He has the smaller horse or is a shorter person as he sits lowest in the saddle, he always reminded me of Lee Van Cleef. I am unable to tell you what colour his horse is as it sits at the back and behind the larger centre chestnut.

The gentleman on the right, closest to me, has a swarthy/weathered skin and is very dark haired which is quite long and shiny, could be greasy even. He generally does not wear his hat but it is on strings slung over his shoulders. I am unable to tell you what colour his hat is and I think his coat is a dark coloured leather and I see him wearing dark, knee high boots. He has often looked my way and seemed surprised or confused at seeing me, maybe even amused, it's hard to say. In the dozens of times I have seen him he has only once tipped his hat to me (touched the brim and nodded) and 2-3 times nodded in my direction. He is aware of me but the others do not acknowledge me. I have even been in a line of cars before and he has still caught my eye by looking directly at me.

I have never been frightened and presumed that they were exercising the horses from the stables in Streetly. They always trek in the same formation, in the same place and at the same time which perhaps is a little odd and I only ever see them during the day, never at night".

A big 'thank you' to Debra - as with our other correspondents - for having taken the time to contact us with their information! We still live in hope of seeing these riders for ourselves and - in subsequently speaking with them - getting to the bottom of this little mystery!

Wish us luck!!

Regards to all,

The W.M.G.C.

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