Thursday, 10 September 2009

Romsley Ghost Report.....

The Halesowen News (newspaper) has recently taken an avid interest in a case reported to the W.M.G.C. from the Romsley region (published online on Wednesday 9th September 2009):

'Ghostly sighting in Romsley prompts appeal'

A GHOST club is appealing for people who have experienced haunted happenings in Romsley to get in touch after receiving a letter concerning an eerie figure spotted in the area.

The West Midlands Ghost Club was recently contacted by someone claiming to have seen a spooky figure on Illey Lane near the Black Horse pub as they drove to work on a rainy evening in 1995 at around 9.30pm.

Ghost club spokesman John Conway said: "He noticed a man standing in the road, with his heels pressed into the grass verge.

"The figure had very long, 70s style hair and was aged about 40 years old. He wore one of those old-style 'parker' jackets with a white, cycling belt /reflector attached to it.

"The hood of the coat was down. Our witness clearly made out flared trousers with metal cycling clips at the ankle and 70s style shoes.

"The figure is described as 'just standing staring ahead of him'... The witness tooted their horn and slowed right down - main car headlight beam on high - but the man didn't bat a eyelid... just looked straight ahead.

"The strangest aspect of this encounter was that the bottom half of the figure was solid, but the top half was transparent.

"The witness could see the rain dropping from the leaves of nearby bushes, where the mans head should have been solid. The figure did not move when he passed close by."

Mr Conway said this incident was one of a number of similar encounters the group had become aware of over a number of years in the same area. He said sightings were mainly of figures flitting across lanes in front of traffic.

The group is now appealing for anyone who has seen anything spooky there or across Halesowen to get in touch.

Visit the website at Call John on 0794 4478708 or e mail him at


The West Mids Ghost Club

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