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Edited Version of Main Website Update from Sept. 7th 2007

South Staffordshire Investigation:

On Saturday the 14th of July, W.M.G.C. members conducted an investigation at the Glynne Arms public house in Himley. The visit was organised by Dean Steadman.

While the general Himley area would seem to play host to a considerable amount of ghostly activity - phantom cavaliers, grey ladies and so on - the famous 'Crooked House' hostelry has, until quite recently, never been widely 'known' as a site of paranormal interest.... However, current staff members tell us that the property would actually seem to be the home of a number of ghosts - including those of a soldier, a mysterious male figure accompanied by a dog, a murdered servant and a young orphan girl.....

On the night in question, 2 WMGC members experienced an inexplicable 'bang' on a nearby door, while video recordings made in the Ladies Toilet area appeared to contain the voice of a young girl saying: "Mommy"......

Repeat Investigation:

Saturday the 30th of June saw group members pay a return visit to one of our favourite investigation sites - the Manor House in Stone Cross, West Bromwich. The visit was arranged by Frazer Smith.

As regulars to this web site will know, this property has become something of a 'pet project' to WMGC members. Over the past 2 - 3 years, the club has conducted in excess of 15 overnight investigations here.....

During this recent visit, researchers witnessed a peculiar change in light levels in the Function Room area of the building, as well as one group member seemingly 'feeling someone brush past him' as he climbed the solar staircase. Video recordings made in the kitchen area of the property contained some inexplicable sounds of 'movement' seemingly coming from a nearby corridor.......

South Staffordshire Investigation #2:

On September the 1st, members from the 'West Midlands Ghost Club' and Forum, the 'Black Country Paranormal Society' and the 'South Staffordshire Ghost Club' converged on Cannock Chase for an informal 'ramble' into the unknown......

Over the years, this area has allegedly played host to a plethora of peculiar happenings, ranging from UFO activity, sightings of Alien Big Cats, various 'Hairy Hominid' type creatures - as well as a considerable amount of more standard, 'ghost-like' encounters.

During our recent 'invasion' of the Chase, attendee's visited two particular sites which have been associated with potentially paranormal activity. The area around the German Cemetery has recently featured in the local press a number of times, having been linked to both 'werewolf-type' sightings, as well as alleged encounters with a floating, female apparition.... Similarly, a section of road - situated a short distance away at Spring Slade Lodge - has also supposedly been the site of an experience with a 'female ghost'.

To round off our visit to the Chase, attendees later took a walk around the nearby ancient monument of Castle Ring. This area has previously been linked to occult activity, UFO sightings and numerous experiences with a monk-like ghost.
With regards to future research events on the Chase, the W.M.G.C. have recently received a phone call from a representative of the cryptozoological society Beastwatch UK, who are apparently planning investigations for the near future. Interested parties should watch their site for further news.

Finally - a big 'Thank You' to all who chose to 'throw caution to the wind' and attend our get-together. 'Adventurers all......', as Dr. Richard Markway would have said......

South Staffordshire Investigation #3:

On September the 14th, W.M.G.C. members conducted a brief investigation of the Garrick Theatre in Lichfield. The visit was organised by Steve Chew.

While the current building is of comparatively recent construction, it stands on the site of a previous theatre. Staff reported a number of inexplicable happenings to W.M.G.C. members, including the inexplicable movement of objects in certain parts of the property, sightings of shadowy figures, the sound of womens footsteps in the stage area and feelings of being physically pushed and touched. Radio WM D.J. Malcolm Boyden was sitting alone, inside the theatre mixing room one night when the door to the booth flew open and a pile of papers on his desk were thrown into the air.......

W.M.G.C. thanks goes out to the Garrick staff members who kindly gave their time and accompanied us on our visit.

Mini Investigations / Visits:

On August the 31st, group member - the intrepid Steve Chew - paid a night-time visit to the beautiful Pentre Ifan dolmen in Dyfed. Regarded as the most popular megalithic site in Wales, the 3,500 yr old site was once known as 'Arthurs Quoit' and, most unusually, is oriented North / South. While no ghosts have actually been reported at Pentre Ifan, it is a notorious place for fairy sightings. According to local legend, they are described as looking like 'little children with red caps, dressed in soldiers clothes.....'

As always, our roving investigator Len Jackson has been travelling the length and breadth of the country in his spare time over the past few months. Recent ports of call for this much travelled investigator include York (said to be the most haunted City in England?), Matlock and Hartington.

August the 26th saw Club members Frazer Smith and Dean Steadman spending a few hours patrolling the grounds of Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire. Rufford has developed a considerable ghostlore over recent decades, with - unsurprisingly - reports of phantom monks being seen in the area. During the early 20th Century, one witness is said to have supposedly died of fright after such an encounter.......

Our continuing research into the 'Grey Lady of Rushall' in Walsall has inspired many visits to the region throughout the late Spring and Summer months, with an investigation of the area planned for mid-Autumn. After our (May) press appeals for information on this subject, an excellent response was received by the group - including a number of eye-witness accounts. Our appeal also drew the attention of BBC Radio WM, resulting in an outside broadcast interview with group member Nick Duffy, which was subsequently aired throughout May 30th.

In The Media:

W.M. Ghost Club activities have featured in a number of media related sources.

The group has recently been mentioned in:

*The Walsall Advertiser (May)

*The Fortean Times Magazine (July)

*The Tamworth Herald (August)

*The Dudley News (July)

*The Stafford Post (August)

May 30th saw Radio W.M. conduct an interview with one of our group members, concerning our research into a particular apparition known as 'The Grey Lady Of Rushall' in Walsall. (*Mentioned above).

On July the 24th, Steve Chew appeared on the Danny Kelly Show (also Radio W.M.) during a 'live ghost hunt' at Dudley Castle. Steve also appeared on the Danny Kelly show again on September the 13th. (Busy beggar!!)

The WMGC has also recently supplied information for inclusion in a forthcoming book on UFO activity in the Midlands area.

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