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Edited Version of Main Website Update for Dec. 15th 2007.

Staffordshire Investigation:

On October the 12th, W.M.G.C. members conducted an investigation at the Royal Air Force Association Flarepath Club in Tamworth. The event was organised by Steve Chew.

Reported activity at this three storey, Georgian property include sightings of a woman in a long white night dress and experiences with the figure of a former employee. While there is a strict ‘no smoking’ policy in the club, tobacco smoke has been frequently detected, along with the smell of perfume and – most strangely – ‘custard’!

Bottles have seemingly smashed of their own accord and firmly closed doors opened by themselves, setting off burglar alarms. The sound of change being mixed around in a till has been heard coming from an empty room, along with the noise of a man ‘coughing’ in the downstairs toilet.

A big W.M.G.C. thank you goes out to Roy and Kath Clay and also Emma Fletcher for allowing us to investigate their club.

Warwickshire Investigation:

October the 19th saw lucky W.M.G.C. members carrying out an overnight investigation at Warwick Castle. The event was organised by Steve Chew, with the kind help of B.B.C. Radio W.M. D.J., Danny Kelly.

Over recent years, the impressive fortress of Warwick Castle has become the focus of numerous investigations organised by commercial ‘ghost hunting’ businesses. However, as far as the W.M.G.C. have recently been informed, we are the only ‘independent’ research society to have been granted free access to this site.

On our investigation, we were accompanied by D.J. Danny Kelly - and the resulting sound / interview footage was aired on Radio W.M. on October the 28th.

Needless to say, the group is indebted to Warwick Castle for allowing us this unique opportunity and extend a considerable nod of gratitude to our guide for the night, Paul!! Also, a big ‘CHEERS MATE’ goes to Danny Kelly for his invaluable input on this venture!

Leicestershire Investigation:

On October the 26th, group members paid a night-time visit to the site of ‘Bosworth Battle Field’ in Sutton Cheney. The visit was organised by John Conway.

Despite being a most attractive and serene spot, a great many believe that the affairs conducted at this site in 1485 have left more than a few ‘echoes’ in their wake….. According to author John Brookes, the battlefield is haunted by a phantom horseman and the figure of a headless foot soldier. The area concerned has played host to a number of paranormal investigations.

Walsall Investigation:

On Halloween, group members paid a long overdue visit to Rushall - on the outskirts of Walsall - in search of the (somewhat elusive) ghost of the ‘Grey Lady’……

As regulars to this site may know, the group took considerable interest in this particular area in May of this year, after being introduced to the subject by local historian, Diane Wilkes. A subsequent press appeal resulted in an impressive response from the general public and a considerable amount of information was duly reported to the Club.

During our Halloween visit, we were gratified to find that recent press coverage of this event had stirred the interest of other, (Willenhall based) ‘Ghost Hunters’, who had also visited the area for the evening……!!!

Wolverhampton Investigation:

November the 3rd found W.M. Ghost Club members carrying out an investigation of Madam Clarke’s Coffee House in King Street, Wolverhampton. The investigation was organised by John Conway.

Reported activity at this most charming building includes the movement of objects – tins falling off shelves, etc – and an impressive amount of inexplicable noises. The sound of children ‘giggling’ has been heard, along with the sound of objects seemingly smashing, loud bangs, muffled speech and names of staff members being called out.

A ‘Grey Lady’ – as well as other shadowy figures – have been seen on the stairs of the property and footsteps frequently heard. Along with regular feelings of being watched, one staff member also reports having had her ‘bottom pinched’ – leaving a noticeable bruise!

The W.M.G.C. would like to extend their gratitude to Michael and Alexandra Perkins for allowing us to investigate their lovely Coffee House. Thanks also to Alex again, along with Tracey, Anne-Marie, Charlotte, Kelly and Sarah, for their warm company during our investigation.

'Unnamed' Investigation:

On November the 8th, W.M.G.C. members paid a return visit to an unnamed site which has previously played host to three group visits. (22nd of December (2006), January the 19th and February the 2nd 2007).

The site concerned has a fascinating (potential) ghostly history, spanning back at least four decades. Reported incidents include sightings of figures in 'ancient' period costume; physical assaults by invisible assailants and a wide range of poltergeist-like activity. During our previous visit to the site, W.M.G.C. members experienced some peculiar 'noise' related activity in one of the buildings attached to the property.......

While the bulk of our recent visit passed without event, investigators Simon and Claire were sitting in the site car park when the reversing sensor of their vehicle suddenly indicated that there was 'something' behind the car..... Only moments later, a definite, solitary 'tap' noise was heard on the rear window of the vehicle........?

Staffordshire Investigation #2

On November the 16th, W.M.G.C. members visited an ecclesiastical site in Staffordshire - and it's immediate, surrounding environs - which will remain unnamed for the present. Group members first learned of alleged happenings at the site concerned via our friend, the Rugeley based author, Carol Arnall.

Sightings of a monk-like figure have been associated with the area outside the property concerned, having been (most recently) seen by a passing motorist. The gentleman described the figure he saw as being bare headed and decidedly 'miserable looking'...... Certainly not the stereotypical image that people tend to associate with such characters. Group members were also recently contacted by a witness who saw a similar figure - though this one was wearing a hood over his head - standing in a patch of marshy ground near to the site concerned.....

As a footnote to this story, copies of Carol Arnalls books 'Eerie Happenings' and 'Mystical Happenings' can be obtained via the online publishing site. Just visit the site and type the names of the books into the search engine........

News Watch:

West Midlands Ghost Club activities have recently featured in a number of media related sources, including:

*Walsall Advertiser – Oct. 4th and Oct. 25th.

*Chase Post – Oct. 11th and Oct. 18th (x2).

*Solihull Times – Oct. 31st.

*Solihull News – Nov. 1st.

*Staffordshire County Magazine – October Edtn.

*Birmingham Post (Weekend Suppl. Magazine) – Oct. 20th

*A two page article concerning W.M.G.C. members Steve and Claire Chew appeared in the Sunday Mirror Magazine on Oct. 28th.

*Over recent weeks, the Club has received considerable air-time on local B.B.C. W.M. Radio, including: the Danny Kelly Show on Oct. 17th, 21st and 28th and the Phil Upton Show on Oct. 10th. A feature involving our recent investigation of Warwick Castle was also broadcast on Oct. 28th.

*The W.M.G.C. also featured in an interview on (National) B.B.C. 'Radio 5 Live' on Oct. 29th.

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