Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday 4th December 2016

Following a recent appeal for 'local' ghost stories, we were kindly sent an account concerning a 'poltergeist-like-effect' in the Black Country region.  Our correspondent has  kindly given us permission to repeat the details here, on the blog....

The matter concerned happened over the space of a number of years in a house that the family concerned moved into in 1949.  At the time, our confidant was 7 years old and moved into the property with their mother and father, 2 older brothers and 2 younger sisters. 

As far as 'activity' is concerned, it appeared to start with the sound of banging coming from the attic area that used to wake the two brothers up during the night.  They were apparently told to go into the attic and find out what the cause could be.... perhaps something as innocent as a bird, a stray cat, or maybe a rat?  They were - of course - scared by the prospects of such an investigation, but, together, they went into the space concerned.  It was pitch black - no light whatsoever in there - but  they both came tumbling back out, reporting that they could find nothing at all to account for the sounds!? 

Only a few weeks after this, the bedroom doors in the property were seemingly being 'banged on'.... so the family members, logically, all began blaming one another... thinking it must surely be some form of joke being played? 

However, this particular 'effect' eventually went on for some years.......  

Family members would sometimes see black shadows running along the hall of the house - though this seems to have been the only 'visual' activity reported in the entire case.  The two brothers went into the army and the activity seemed to get worse.  The bedroom doors were now being opened;  it was a cold house, so they were always kept shut at night!  The mother of the family was so scared, she would put a brick behind her door at night... but, the next day, the brick had been moved... along with the door! 

Our correspondent tells us that she would hear heavy feet at night, walking into her bedroom and stopping by her pillow.  She asked her father if he had perhaps been in the bedroom, but he had said 'no'.  The brothers eventually came out of the army, but then left home to get married.  With the father having recently passed away, this now left the mother, and three sisters in the property.  

At this point things are said to have started 'going crazy' in the house.  Someone was heard walking upstairs - heavy foot steps - and our confidant would get so mad at the sounds, because her mother was so afraid to stay in the house on her own!  She would run up the stairs shouting, always looking to find someone to blame for the happenings, but there never was anyone there!!  At night, the mother started to put her dressing table behind the door to her bedroom and had one of the younger sister staying in there with her.  A mass of different activity occurred over the space of some weeks:  banging on doors, doors opening, etc:  it was a most scary time for all of the remaining witnesses!  Eventually, the mother became too afraid to go to sleep upstairs and actually began sleeping in a chair for years!

Towards the end of the occupancy of the house, there was only our correspondent and her mother still living at the property.  This carried on until the former eventually got married and moved out.  The mother said that she could not possibly stay there any more, so, in 1963, she also moved out and went to live as a house keeper for a friend. 

Apparently, the house in question is still there.... not at all far from where the W.M.G.C. is currently based.  Our confidant tells us that she has not been back to the site since, as she can't bring herself to return and have a look at the house.... She is too scared!

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