Friday, 29 January 2010

Haunted Homes #1

Recent events mentioned in a post below have brought the subject of ‘Haunted Homes’ (not the rubbish TV series, we hasten to add!! Laugh!!) to the fore.

Below are details of an allegedly haunted house, situated in the Black Country area, which were sent in to the group recently….

According to the former occupants of the property in question, the site was the focus of many inexplicable happenings. Strangely, activity only seemed to really occur in any great volume if the family living at the site carried out some form of renovation-style activity at the house, i.e. painting and decorating, or anything to do with their garden. Needless to say this is a detail frequently mentioned in conjunction with hauntings at times. The mother of the family discovered that a very house-proud, elderly gentleman used to live at the property and had actually passed away there. He is said to have loved both his home and garden very much.

During their time in the house, the family concerned report having experienced many peculiar happenings, including glass bowls flying of the table and smashing against walls, the sound of heavy footsteps traversing the bedroom floor at night, disembodied voices... and a variety of different objects going missing and then mysteriously re-appearing again, many months later.

One day, when the son and daughter of the family were very young, they ran in to their mother, shouting that they could see a ‘ball of fire’ floating in the bathroom! When she rushed to the bathroom there was nothing to be seen. She asked them where they had seen the ball and they both pointed to the same spot in the air; both said it was round in shape and had looked just like fire….

At the time, the family had a dog which would sit by the living room door, growling into the empty hall. Certain family members - and visitors to the house - had spoken, at times, of seeing an indistinct shape walking along the hallway towards the front door of the property. This shape was only ever seen through the glass of the closed, living room door and resembled someone short of stature dressed in dark clothing.

The family concerned eventually moved away from the house, though not because of the peculiar activity they had experienced while living there. They tell the WMGC that they have never experienced any further happenings at their new address…..

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