Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Ghostly Nurse?

As frequently occurs, a lot of presumed ghostly experiences fall into that ‘did they, or didn’t they happen?’ bracket….. Under the current climate, most people certainly do not ‘err on the side of caution’, but tend to immediately swing in a pro-paranormal direction!!

The following, brief account was sent into the group during the late 1990’s…

Susan had to go into a Midlands hospital for a two day stay, involving a minor operation.

She had been put into a small side-room for her stay, which had a draw curtain across the entrance, that was ‘pulled’ at night. On the night following her operation, Susan had a feeling that someone was in her room and turned her head to see a nurse, standing at her side, with a beautiful, smiling face. She thought it strange that the nurse didn’t speak to her during the short time she was there, but took in her frilly cap and armbands, white apron and fob-watch. “You don’t see nurses dressed like that these days!?” she thought to herself….

After only a brief time, she saw that the nurse had now apparently gone. She did not notice her leave the room and didn’t see the drawn door curtains move at all?

Susan informed us that she has never told anyone about her peculiar, little experience; apart from her husband, who puts the encounter down to the after effects of her surgery. She is wholly sceptical about such a theory, however, as, after the operation, she had eaten a meal and had been up and about in the afternoon walking around….

Susan later discovered that the hospital concerned had been built on the site of an older medical building – so the figure of the ‘older style’ nurses would be a regular feature around the place at one time(?)

Tales of ghostly nurses are a regular feature in hospital folk-lore the world over and it seems that literally every medical establishment will have at least one ‘spook’ on the staff!! Even the grandmother of one W.M.G.C. member spoke of seeing such a silent vision in Walsall during the 1980’s - and our files are fairly ‘littered’ with similar anecdotes related to literally ‘every’ hospital in the Midlands region, bar none!

But what of ‘phantom patients’, we wonder? Where are they?

Regards to all,

The W.M.G.C.

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