Friday, 30 October 2009

Midlands Poltergeist - Part Two.

In this post, we continue the story of the West Midlands poltergeist case which began a week or so ago......

"Things got even stranger over the final couple of years at the property.‭ ‬My wife worked nights at‭ ‬(name of site removed‭)‬,‭ ‬I was alone with the kids who were both asleep in bed.‭ ‬It was quite late and I felt hungry so I put something under the grill of the oven,‭ ‬I sat back in my armchair and stupidly fell asleep.‭ ‬The next thing I recall is the armchair being nudged quite forcefully,‭ ‬it rocked me forward and later when reflecting I recalled not immediately fully awakening initially,‭ ‬I was in that sort of half-asleep mode and must have thought I was dreaming then the chair rocked a second time and it jolted me awake.‭ ‬I opened my eyes to find the living room full of smoke,‭ ‬I immediately realised what I had done and dashed to find the first wisps of flame coming from the cooker.‭ ‬I switched it off and the flames fortunately died‭ (‬the cooker had been on the verge of bursting into flame and we subsequently had it replaced the next day as it was damaged beyond repair‭)‬.‭ ‬I quickly opened all the windows and the smoke dispersed.‭ ‬Had I not woken up at this time I shudder to think of the consequences.‭ ‬I had no smoke alarm and my two young daughters were asleep upstairs.‭ ‬I am convinced that the armchair was deliberately shaken in order to wake me.‭

‬Another incident occurred one time when I went to use the computer printer and there,‭ ‬sitting on the tray where the paper is output was the silver pen of my wife's deceased grandfather,‭ ‬this pen had been missing for over a year and could not have possibly been sat there all this time as I published a football newsletter and probably reloaded the paper tray at least twice a week.‭ ‬I am‭ ‬100%‭ ‬certain that the pen had been carefully put in a striking place where we would discover it.‭ ‬Periodically,‭ ‬other missing items would turn up in silly places as well,‭ ‬such as long-lost underwear being suddenly discovered on the stairs.‭

‬Although we are not religious,‭ ‬we had the house blessed by the local‭ ‬(name of church removed‭)‬ in the hope that we could live normal lives.‭ ‬This had no effect whatsoever.‭

‬Throughout the whole experience I questioned my sanity and that of my wife and despite all the mounting evidence I still had a part of me that did not want to believe what was happening.‭ ‬But any doubt I had disappeared when my daughter and wife both heard a voice from an unknown source whilst watching TV in the living room.‭ ‬I had just entered the living room when my eldest daughter‭ (‬she was about‭ ‬9‭ ‬or‭ ‬10‭ ‬at the time‭) ‬said‭ "‬Was that you dad‭?” ‬I had only just entered the room and had no idea what she was talking about,‭ ‬I glanced at my wife so she might be able to explain what my daughter meant,‭ ‬my wife nodded toward me so I said‭ '‬yes,‭ ‬that was me‭' ‬to my daughter whilst wondering what had happened.‭ ‬Later,‭ ‬my wife explained that just before I entered the room a loud echoing voice‭ (‬as if speaking down a tube‭) ‬had said‭ "‬hello‭"‬.‭ ‬That was the clincher for me,‭ ‬we had no desire to have the kids exposed to this so we put the house on the market.‭

‬Another occurrence was when we bought a Labrador dog,‭ ‬he was the most placid friendly dog you could wish to meet,‭ ‬always greeting strangers whenever I took him for a walk around‭ ‬(removed‭)‬ park.‭ ‬Then one day I got a phone call whilst at work from my wife,‭ ‬she told me to just listen to the receiver,‭ ‬all I could hear was the dog going absolutely nuts.‭ ‬He was barking and growling in a vicious manner that was totally out of character.‭ ‬I asked my wife what he was doing and she said he was barking at an empty space in the corner of the room.‭ ‬From that day onwards until we left the property about‭ ‬6‭ ‬months later we had no further incident so maybe the dog achieved where the Catholic church had failed and ridded us of the unwanted visitor.‭

‬At some stage we took it upon ourselves to make enquiries about the history of the house and found that a previous tenant had died and lay undiscovered for a number of days a few years earlier,‭ ‬we have no idea whether this is of relevance.‭ ‬FWIW,‭ ‬the property itself is a modest‭ ‬1930s ex-council house.‭

‬These are the events as I recall them and there are many more minor incidents such as coming home to the empty house to find shaving foam sprayed across the bathroom floor.‭ ‬At no stage were we really scared of what was happening,‭ ‬it was not like the movies with floating apparitions and such like,‭ ‬I am sure you have heard many tales of grey ladies and headless horsemen but it was much more mundane and almost comical at times.‭ ‬Indeed my wife had started to treat it as a friend and she would admonish it whenever it got up to mischief.‭

‬On reflection we actually feel privileged to have witnessed something so inexplicable.‭ ‬It is quite humbling to know that there are such things we have no explanation for.‭ ‬We live in‭ ‬(another country‭)‬ now and I wish I had known about your organisation before we left the UK so I could relate to you in person what we experienced as I do not think these words fully explain what we went through and how we felt at the time‭…‬.."

Absolutely fascinating stuff,‭ ‬eh‭?


The W.M.G.C.‭

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