Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Oct. 29th 2014.

It's a bit of an irony to find that we had recently been joking about 'headless ghosts' on our Facebook page...... and then we open an old diary to be not only reminded of one such case, but a case no more than a couple or three miles from where the group is actually based, no less!!

The case itself hails from the Wednesfield region of Wolverhampton and from the 1890's. It involves a family who had been living in their house for some 5 years. Apparently their time at the property had been peaceful for the duration of their stay until the point in question, which appears to have started with a series of loud knocks on their front door one afternoon..... as if it were being struck with a heavy sledge-hammer!! The lady of the house went to the door but found that there was no one to be seen when she had opened up....... an event that is said to have alarmed her considerably! Having returned to her chores, she now discovered that the heavy banging sound came back...... this time at the bottom of the staircase! Again she investigated and was standing staring at the spot when she saw the pictures on the walls physically 'turn round'! At this point in proceedings, her husband came home from work and was also privy to the effects concerned.

One of the pictures that were seen to turn 'went missing' a couple of days later and was subsequently discovered in a room at the back of the property with no easy explanation for the move!? As a matter of experimentation, one of the pictures that had been seen to move was taken to another house in the vicinity and 'watched' to see if it would move again? It didn't.....

An inquiry placed with neighbours revealed that they had apparently seen a past resident of the property - a woman who had died there suddenly before the present family moved in - apparently 'walking around the garden..... HEADLESS!'

What is interesting about this matter is the sheer scepticism that is generally shown (in the media) for the subject in an era when (we are led to believe at least) a rampant belief in Spiritism held considerable sway amongst the populace, etc. This isn't a solitary matter either, as we have numerous news cuttings from the latter part of the 19th Century and - even going back as far as the 1850's - the reporters concerned invariably show considerable (and quite open) contempt for the subject matter concerned!?! As with other cases from this time, the topic also generated considerable interest in the surrounding region, the father of the family admitting that literally hundreds of people had presented themselves at the home, hoping to be invited in!!

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