Saturday, 25 October 2014

October 25th 2014

We have recently been speaking to someone who has kindly related some information regarding 'strange happenings' at a Black Country property that they lived in some years ago now.  We were particularly thankful to receive the data concerned, as it mainly concerns an aspect of (what is widely associated with poltergeist) haunting that you tend not to hear too much about these days, but which often featured - to some degree - in this type of matter in the past, etc. What is basically being referred to here is the subject of the appearance of 'liquid' or 'liquids', seemingly featuring as a form of inexplicable, anomalous phenomena....

Moving quickly on to the account itself:

The property concerned was a beautiful, 4 bedroomed house. The family concerned settled in really well to begin with, despite the fact that they were still very much in the 'early days' phase, following the sad passing of a close relative. While still grieving for their loved on, they had all agreed at the time to get back into work and endeavour to bring their lives back to a state of relative normality.

One of the first peculiarities in the property was noticed by a daughter of the family, as she was sitting in the lounge one evening - intending to watch some TV - with a cup of tea.... She suddenly noticed 'water' on the table next to the chair she was sitting in. As her sister was also present at the time, they both scoured the walls to see if they could possibly find some sign of a leak. There was absolutely nothing to be seen.

One of the sisters touched the 'perfectly round' blob of water, to find it had a sticky feel to it. It appeared to be a totally clear substance, like water, but, when touched, it had a 'stringy' feel to it. The best comparison that could be suggested would be something akin to watered-down bleach... but clear, with no smell.

The girls let their mother know of their discovery and the matter was then left to her to sort out. They apparently didn't think any more of the matter for the time being
On a further occasion, one of the sisters woke one morning to find the same substance on her fireplace, window ledges and curtains. She identified the substance as the same as that previously discovered on the table downstairs. Again, the matter was reported to her mother and it was thought that perhaps there was a leak somewhere.... Again, the droplets discovered were perfectly rounded; no sign of a 'splash', with just circular pools of around 2 to 3" in size... maybe slightly bigger. 

Another morning, the other sister awoke - finding herself dying for a drink - and went into the kitchen. She then passed into the lounge, to find all of the furniture facing the wall! No one else was awake that early.... and again the strange liquid was 'smothered' over the walls and fireplace, etc.

We were told that - to this day, the subject still scares the life out of the correspondent concerned. There was no logical explanation that they could come to on the matter, save for the bizarre notion that someone was possibly breaking into their house - on multiple occasions - to spread this liquid all over the property, move furniture around and so on!?

After vacating the property, the family never experienced anything like this since..... and hopefully never will!!

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