Saturday, 25 October 2014

October 25th 2014

Two of our group members spent a charming evening this week, with a family who had recently reported 'strange goings on' in their home to us.....

Skimming for the sake of brevity:  the property concerned is situated in an area that we had looked at previously - some years ago now - because of supposed 'haunting activity'..... a matter that was said to tie in with a tragedy that occurred in the region in the 1920's. (This topic was chased up to some length and - unlike a lot of tragedies supposedly associated with ghost stories - this one did indeed actually happen!!)
Having interviewed the people concerned (including a past resident of the property who'd been kindly invited to attend by the current resident), it has to be stated that there were no obvious connections between the two matters concerned.....

With regards to this 'fresh' case, there appears to be a fair amount of what we'd all generally term 'poltergeist-like' activity, including the movement and general manipulation of objects around the property. The latter included such matters as a crocheting needle disappearing from where it was invariably, always kept and then subsequently being found 'under' a rug...... to all of the kitchen cupboards being opened - and left open - during the night, etc.

No actual 'apparitions' have been seen by the head of the family involved, but strange sounds and noises do seem to play a big part in the activities concerned.....   We were told that - despite the site being a bungalow and not even having a proper 'loft' area above it - a sound akin to someone 'walking across a floor above' has frequently been encountered by multiple witnesses at the same time!!  On another occasion, the sound of (what appeared to be) a little girl was heard calling 'Ma-ma!!' from inside the property..... The witnesses did seem considerably concerned by this particular feature and said that it didn't feel at all contemporary with this time and struck them as a rather out-dated or old-fashioned term!? 

On other occasions, the sound of children playing have been heard fairly late at night and there have been no children around when investigations made! (The area concerned is predominantly elderly and disabled residents).

Needless to say, the group will be keeping an eye on the matter concerned and reporting on any further developments in the case......

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