Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Boy In The Lane.....

The following account was sent in to the group in December 1997, following a newspaper appeal for local ghost stories. Our contact asked for strict anonymity at the time of writing to us, so names and precise locations have been omitted from the story for that purpose.

The experience in question is said to have occurred in a lane, in a rural area, situated just outside Wolverhampton near the Staffordshire / Shropshire border.

Our correspondent was returning home (to Shropshire) following a visit to her parents house on Christmas Eve, 1992. At the time of the experience, she was driving along a quiet country road at around 9 p.m., travelling directly behind a Volvo estate car.

As they passed a section of woodland on their right hand side and a high wall on their left, our witness saw a young boy suddenly dash out of nowhere into the path of the car in front of her… which clearly didn’t have time to avoid him! She describes the lad as wearing clothing that was reminiscent of the Victorian period; dull or dark trousers and jacket, which looked like something you might see at the Black Country Museum. Despite such detail, she assures us that she was convinced that she had just witnessed a real road accident, with a real, flesh-and-blood boy…..

After both vehicles had screeched to a halt, she got out of her car and ran to the Volvo, the occupants of which – a Scottish couple – had also exited their vehicle. We are told that the female passenger was crying and hysterical, while the man was staring incredulously at the front of the car. A search of the immediate area was conducted, but – you’ve guessed it – there was no sign of the young boy anywhere…..

The Volvo driver readily admitted that he had certainly struck the lad – he had appeared so suddenly, there was no chance of avoiding him - but there was no resulting bump, or sound of impact and, when the vehicle was checked over, no physical signs to indicate a collision of any sort. A search of the vicinity was conducted for some further 30 minutes, but nothing to account for the experience could be discovered.

Puzzled, the drivers got back into their respective cars and our witness went back to her parents house, while the Scottish couple swore that they would visit the nearest police station and report the incident. The man had said that he would be in touch if anything came of the matter, but nothing was ever heard from either him, or the police……

A passing comment made in a local pub some while later resulted in the news that this certainly wasn’t the first time that such an experience had occurred on that particular stretch of road…….

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The W.M.G.C.

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